We are all artists

To kick off the New Year RISE sponsored art prize exhibition ‘Pay and Display’ at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol.

We, engineers, are also artists. Drawing is a big part of what we do. It is a result of a creative and intuitive process, where our tools are physics and maths.

Our main role is to support architects in making a piece of art, so it is natural that we extend that support to artists who give us a window into what is going on in their mind, let us ponder on to something real, expose us to something new and make us feel something special.

We have chosen Mary Roberts-Holmes artwork ‘Boxes’ for our £500 1st prize.

My great thanks to Ruth and her team who gave, without counting, their time and enthusiasm in making this all possible. My thanks also go to the judges Beatrice and Daphne who really considered all the entries carefully. It’s encouraging to hear that some artworks have already sold as these investments will truly support the artists among us.

See more about Centrespace Gallery here: www.centrespacegallery.com