In a world where clients are required to resolve their own problems, since 2010, RISE has been walking alongside its clients, looking after their interests and bringing them solutions in structural and civil engineering across the south west.

At RISE, we think outside of the box. We are passionate about defying gravity and daring to pioneer new technology. We champion elegant designs and the light use of materials through precision engineering. We collaborate with architects to keep our design precise to ensure that the aesthetics of the building are not compromised.

Whether the structure is permanent or temporary, requiring a tension, compression or cantilever element, our aim is to ensure that our designs are elegant and light. We use a variety of technology and strive to make use of the latest systems, techniques and products.

You can trust us with your project. We will be walking alongside you from start to finish, looking after your interests and providing you with the best solutions first time round.

  • We manage our growth by adapting quickly to our environment while being supportive of each other.

  • With our internal reviews we are providing a safe space for engineers to explore and improve each other’s solutions.

  • We are dedicated to finding the right solution, by providing energy and creativity in our designs.

  • We understand that improving our Revit template and internal processes make delivering our projects in 3D much more efficient.

  • Because we have strong relationships with our clients we are getting more complex and bigger projects, which is very exciting.

  • Our idea of fun is having a celebration ping pong match after issuing our drawings on Fridays, come and join us for a game and a drink.

  • I like putting my headphones on to really get into my calculations, which helps me deliver exciting designs.

  • ‘We have a flexible office managed by Holly who also supports staff with her ‘can do’ attitude’.