Based in Bristol*, RISE is a unique company with a novel approach to structural engineering design which has grown continuously since 2010 and we are on course to double in size next year, whilst staying true to our core values.

We are passionate about defying gravity and daring to pioneer new technology. We champion elegant designs and the light use of materials through precision engineering.

We collaborate with architects to keep our design precise to ensure that the aesthetics of the building are not compromised. We believe that good architecture speaks to people and our aim as engineers is to support architects in delivering that message. Whether the structure is permanent or temporary, requiring a tension, compression or cantilever element, our aim is to ensure that our designs ‘RISE to the occasion’. We use a variety of technology and strive to make use of the latest systems, techniques and products. We are accustomed to working with sustainable materials, as well as steel and concrete where necessary.

*We couldn’t have been more proud when Bristol, the city we love, was been named as the UK’s most desirable location in The Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide 2017 (yay!). We also work in the lovely cities of London, Leeds and Manchester.
  • Ingrid Chauvet

  • Darren Wong

    Senior Structural Engineer
  • Bryn Davies

    BIM, Revit and AutoCAD Expert
  • José Palenzuela

    Project Engineer
  • Marco Rozzi

    Project Engineer
  • Piotrek Wojtania

    Revit Technician
  • Tim Pattinson

    Senior Structural Engineer
  • Scott Temple

    Graduate Engineer
  • Danny Pirret

    Placement Engineer

Our engineers hail from a variety of backgrounds and bring a diverse range of experience with them. We work closely as a team to share our knowledge and ideas. We love building long-term relationships with our clients, and enjoying the positive feedback we receive. Our coffee machine is on standby and we always welcome our clients to our office with a cuppa. (We have chocolate biscuits too..!). Fuelled by coffee, we are a young, alternative family of like-minded people. We are guided by the philosophy, ‘the answer is yes, what is the question?’

We’re hard-working and passionate about building a better world. We all have our favourite buildings which you can see when visiting our offices. We relish our clients’ challenges with our aim being to inspire wonderment through our creative and ambitious can-do attitude.

We share the vision that we are a unique business helping our clients deliver buildings that speak to the world we all live in.

Working at each of the key stages of the project:

  • Stage 0
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 6-7
  • Strategy
    Initial site visit. Meeting with client to discuss aspirations for the project.
  • Brief and feasibility
    Structural investigations, Feasibility study. Planning of geological studies.
  • Concept
    Design statement. Concept design with structural options.
  • Design
    Advise on specialist proposals. Interpretation of site investigation. Party wall agreement.
  • Pre-construction
    Detailed design with final design statement and calculations.
  • Construction
    Review of contractor's proposals. On-site monitoring.
  • Handover and use
    Final construction package. H&S File.