Ingrid is presenting a fascinating bite-size session for the Green Register entitled 'What is meant by `good` sustainable design?'

Green register event, Bite-Size session:

What is meant by ‘good’ sustainable design?
A Structural Engineer’s perspective on cold bridging, airtightness and ventilation solutions.

Ingrid Chauvet, Director of RISE Structural Engineers, will share her
experience as an engineer working on Passivhaus and Code 6 buildings, how these standards have affected the cost of the projects and what she might do differently next time.

Passivhaus and BREEAM have been here for a while now. As more people use them, we have become more aware of the challenges that achieving sustainable buildings present. As those projects are becoming more and more ambitious, small structural details can have a huge impact across the whole array of consultants’ work within the project.

Ingrid will be revisiting some of her most interesting projects, the errors made along the way and the projects that never got off the drawing board. Ingrid believes that we are ‘nearly there’ with airtightness, that ventilation is the next big issue but questions over noise, cost and health mean that it is not as simple to achieve as it may seem…

As a breakout session, delegates will be given a beam and connection detail to design with advice on how to avoid some common cold bridging mistakes.
This bite size session promises to create some lively discussion!

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Ingrid Chauvet

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